SNZF Urchin Watch Crown for Seiko Mod

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      Seiko is a world-renowned watch brand that emerged from Japan over 100 years ago. The company is widely recognized for their elegant and detailed craftsmanship, which are clearly evident in each of their timepieces. Seiko has been in the industry for quite some time now, and they only continue to astound watch lovers and collectors with their astounding pieces.

      Elevate your Seiko timepiece with Watch and Style’s watch crowns for Seiko timepieces. This tiny and often overlooked detail will definitely restore your Seiko SNZF Urchin’s style and function. Our watch crowns are more than just ordinary additions to your watches as they are made to fit in with the mechanical brethren of your SNZF Urchin timepiece.

      The Seiko Sea Urchin or SNZF Urchin is popularly known as one of the brand’s best automatic divers’ watches. Ask any watch collector about it and you’ll surely get dozens of compliments. This particular timepiece falls under the Seiko 5 series, meeting all criteria of the said category. At first glance, you might notice that the Seiko SNZF Urchin possesses the most iconic traits of Seiko’s dive watches. With this model, you get just about the same characteristics, but with a few variations. For one, the Seiko SNZF urchin has a bigger and bulkier build than most of Seiko’s divers’ watches with its 41mm case. So, if you’re into larger watches, then this timepiece might just be perfect for you.

      Dysfunctional watches will not only cause you to lose time itself, but can also impair other watch features. Simple regimens like turning your knob every other day will keep your Seiko timepiece in good shape for years. Not to mention, this sophisticated routine will have you feeling like a professional watch technician or collector as learning to care for your timepiece investment is what’s going to make it last a lifetime. Normally, once your watch has been fully wound, it’s going to keep time for at least 35-45 hours before needing to be rewound again. Watch crowns not only help wind the watch but also set different functions and features.

      Keep your watch up and running with new watch crown pieces. Pair your SNZF Urchin Seiko timepiece with these recommended watch parts.