Seiko Explorer Mod: The Ultimate Rolex Alternative

Seiko Explorer

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As the prices of Rolex watches have gone up, the hopes of watch enthusiasts all over the world (like yourself, for example) looking to get one have gone down. But fret not, for there is an alternative solution to your Rolex-related problems that won't involve costing you an arm and a leg: producing your own Seiko Explorer.

Find some parts you'll need to build your own Seiko Explorer mod in this collection.


Creating The Ultimate Rolex Alternative

The Rolex Explorer is an elegantly simple watch with three hands, easy-to-read numbers, and a compact watch case. After being unchanged for around six decades, suffice it to say, it is a timeless horological classic. Its name is so because it was the watch of choice for many explorers ascending Everest and remains a popular choice for both adventure seekers and leisure lovers. However, a Rolex, as we all know, will set us back a thousand dollars or more. So it's pretty amazing how you can get that timeless Rolex look and build for less with Seiko and the art of watch modification!  

You can get yourself a custom Seiko Explorer build in place of a Rolex Explorer. But, first, you have to get a base Seiko watch to modify and turn into a bonafide Rolex alternative later on. Make sure the condition is like new, and then make sure to wear it once or twice for testing and photo purposes. Also, ensure that all watch functions have been tested before purchase, and it should keep good time. Most watch modders choose the Seiko SNX123 or any watch from the Seiko 5 series to modify and transform into the ultimate Rolex alternative. Here are some specifications of would-be watch modders for their Seiko Explorer build: 

  • a genuine Seiko automatic movement (e.g., NH38 or NH35A) automatic movement (without day/date function, no ghost crown position)
  • a sapphire crystal case (36mm in diameter and 12.5mm in thickness)
  • drilled lugs
  • pressure-tested
  • a solid bracelet (e.g., stainless steel with micro-adjustments on clasp) with links, or a leather bracelet
  • a bright or luminous Seiko dial with matching hands
  • Rolex Submariner-style screw-down caseback

A Rolex Explorer could be the perfect luxurious watch to wear every day, but a custom-built Seiko Explorer timepiece combines the best elements of Rolex and Seiko. It is a classy, durable crowd-pleaser that helps you keep your savings in the bank as well. Even with more upgraded and luxurious-looking modding details, your Seiko Explorer still strikes a balance between functionality and opulence. Pictures won't do it justice.

Can you imagine sporting a Seiko watch with the dials and straps of a Rolex Explorer? Or any precisely modified timepiece that is distinctively yours? It is all possible because of the art of watch modification. However, it can be a challenge to acquire the right parts from the "aftermarket" or watch modding market. If you're unsure about the necessary parts for your Rolex alternative build and can't be bothered to scour the Internet, it's better to visit a nearby watch specialist and have them order the right watch parts for you and your project.