Ceramic Bezel Insert for Seiko Mod

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      Ceramic bezel inserts are slowly starting to replace aluminum, stainless steel bezel inserts in watches today. Don’t get us wrong, stainless steel bezels are classics and have served their purpose for a very long time, but we can’t deny the fact that this material has its own set of flaws.

      Ceramic is much harder than steel, and ceramic bezels are widely known to be more reliable and durable than stainless steel bezels. If you tend to be very picky and pay close attention to scratch details, your best bet when it comes to watches is a ceramic bezel insert. You can rest assured that it can take any sort of scrapes, without tricks. On the other hand, bezels made out of stainless steel materials are very prone to scratches and other damages. See it for yourself. Strike your SKX ceramic insert into the jamb. Although, it may damage the crystal and case, not the bezel insert itself. But with a sapphire crystal, everything seems to be scratch-free.

      Why Choose A Ceramic Bezel Insert

      SKX ceramic bezel insert is of high quality. It is not susceptible to any scratches or damages, intentional or not. Moreover, SKX ceramic insert fits perfectly with any watch, whether classic or sporty. If you have any SKX007, SKX009, SZNF17 Sea Urchin, or SRP Turtle Re-issue modification will be very easy. 

      The best thing about the ceramic bezel insert is that it’s available in all sloping and flat designs. Also, with ceramic bezel inserts, you get various colors to choose from, such as green, black, yellow, silver, and a lot more. What a great option and investment when you mod your watch, right? Simply choose a design that fits your need, personality, and preferences. Lessen the fear of damaging the physical aspect of your watch. Whether you are cautious, adventurous, a diver, a hiker, or not, an SKX ceramic bezel insert watch is perfect for you and your everyday lifestyle.

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