SKX007 Watch Crown for Seiko Mod

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      Seiko is a world-renowned watch brand that emerged from Japan. The brand is widely recognized for its classic and detailed craftsmanship, evident in each of its timepieces. Seiko has been in the watch industry for over a hundred years now, and the company only continues to amaze watch enthusiasts and collectors alike with their marvelous and astounding timepieces.

      Elevate your style and accentuate the look and feel of your watch with Watch and Style’s watch crowns for Seiko timepieces. This tiny detail will bring new life and function to your Seiko SKX007. Our watch crowns are more than just the ordinary as they are equipped to fit in with the mechanical brethren of your timepiece.

      The SKX007 is known for its humble price despite being part of the proud lineage of Seiko’s classic diver’s watches that go way back 1965. The SKX007 depicts minimalism at its best, with a solid case made out of a heavy mass of stainless steel. Meanwhile, the SKX009 is yet again another popular diver’s watch from Seiko crafted with a dark blue dial and a blue/red (also known as the Pepsi) bezel. Experience the high-quality performance of the SKX007 by getting yourself one of our watch crowns.

      Dead watches will not only cause you to lose time itself but can also impair other features. Simple gestures such as turning your knob every other day will keep your Seiko timepiece in good shape for years. Not to mention, this sophisticated routine will have you feeling like a watch collector as learning to care for your timepiece investment is what’s going to make them a worthwhile asset. Normally, once your watch is fully wound, it’s going to keep time for 35-45 hours before needing to be rewound again. Watch crowns are not just for winding the watch, but also used to set different watch functions.

      Keep your watch up and running with new watch crown pieces. Pair your SKX007 Seiko timepiece with these recommended watch parts.