SRP Turtle Rotating Bezel for Seiko Mod


      SRP Turtle Rotating Bezel

      If you still didn’t know, rotating bezels are climbing the ladder of popularity these days. In the past years, most bezel watches started featuring a rotating bezel. These tiny watch accessories are commonly seen and attached to divers watches because of their useful underwater features.

      Rotating bezels have various features, but all function quite the same. For example, some rotating bezels may be unidirectional, meaning they only rotate counterclockwise, while some may be bi-directional, rotating both clockwise and counterclockwise.

      A rotating bezel’s disc is probably the most important part of every watch bezel. The outer disc serves as a timer, graduated into 60 divisions that correspond to 60 minutes or an hour. This feature is the main reason why rotating bezels are in-demand among divers watches. The 60 divisions indicate an hour, corresponding to the time that oxygen in a standard scuba oxygen tank usually lasts.

      Before a diver dives into the water, the red arrow on the bezel should be placed at the 12 o’clock mark, signifying the start time of going underwater. This function gives the diver a marker to show the minutes left until he needs to ascend back into the surface with just enough oxygen left.

      Emphasize the beauty of your Seiko timepiece with Watch and Style’s rotating bezel inserts. Know that our SRP Turtle rotating bezel inserts are not just ordinary numbered rings and accessories that you incorporate with your watches. These are all made of high-quality and durable materials, normally scratch-resistant, designed to perform at their best even underwater, with about 200 meters of water resistance.

      The SRP Turtle from Seiko’s humble line of timepieces is a newer and bigger version of the cushion-cased 6306/9 diver’s watch series made in the mid-1970s. Some may not be big fans of larger watches, but the overall aesthetic of the SRP Turtle is something most watch collectors will not want to miss out on. The SRP Turtle series come in various styles with various straps included. For example, an SRP 777 comes in a silicon strap, while an SRP 775 has more fancy features like gold accents and a metal bracelet. Overall, the Turtle gives off a marvelous diver’s watch aura and appeal. The best part about it is that you can mix and match your timepiece with any of our rotating bezel inserts!

      Modify your watch according to your style and function. Pair your SRP Turtle Seiko timepieces with these recommended watch parts.

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