SKX007 & SRPD Rotating Bezel for Seiko Mod

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      SKX007 & SRPD Rotating Bezel

      Rotating bezels have climbed up the ladder of popularity over the years. In fact, in 2021, most bezel watches already feature a rotating bezel. Rotating bezel inserts are usually seen on divers watches because of their useful underwater features and functions.

      A few things you need to know about rotating bezels: some are unidirectional, meaning they only rotate counterclockwise. Meanwhile, some are bi-directional, rotating both clockwise and counterclockwise.

      The significance of rotating watch bezels lies in the disc itself. The outer disc is graduated into 60 divisions that correspond to 60 minutes. This is the main reason why rotating bezels are popular among divers watches because the 60 divisions on the bezel mark an hour, which corresponds to the time that oxygen in a standard scuba oxygen tank usually lasts.

      The red arrow on the bezel should be placed at the 12 o’clock mark position on a divers watch before diving into the water. This function provides the diver with a marker to show how many minutes have passed since the dive. That way, the diver has an estimated amount of time to ascend back into the surface with just enough oxygen left.

      Emphasize the beauty of your watch while adding function with Watch and Style’s rotating bezel inserts for Seiko watches. Our SKX rotating bezel insert is not just an ordinary numbered ring. It is made out of high-quality materials designed to withstand about 200 meters underwater, guaranteeing divers complete functionality and style.

      The SKX007 is popular for its affordable price despite being part of the proud lineage of Seiko’s classic diver’s watches that go way back 1965. The 007 depicts minimalism at its best, with a durable case made out of a heavy mass of stainless steel. On the other hand, the Seiko 5 Sports SRPD line all have the same case size and design that is seen in the SKX line, but with a more made-up build and character.

      Modify your watch according to your style and function. Pair your SKX007 and SRPD Seiko timepieces with these recommended watch parts.

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