SKX & SRP Turtle Dials for Seiko Mods

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       Full Lumed Dial

      Seiko mod dials come in Marine Master Style Dial and The Great Wave of Kanagawa. Both are compatible with SKX007, SKX009, and SRP Turtle Re-issue. When the light is off, it glows into a green Lume. The two styles go well with 7s26 and NH movement. It fits with 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock crown position. Typically, it comes with four legs. If you only need two, remove the unneeded legs. The only difference is the design. The Great Wave of Kanagawa is visible in the full Lumed dial while there’s none in MM Style.

      Matte dial

      Matte dial is pleasant to the eyes. It does not shine the way glossy dials do, rather leaves a flat, greyish color instead. Seiko mod dials for sale have Matte black or Matte blue. These colors give a brand new vibe to your SKX007, SKX009, and SRP Turtle Re-issue.

      Seiko Matte dials have green Lume and fit well with 7s26 and NH movement. Try it with a 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock position. Just like full Lumed dials, four legs are available. Remember to remove the unneeded legs.

      MM300 Style

      Watch customization is more fun when you use an all-time favorite MM300 Style. Seiko mod dials offer it in various colors such as white, orange, and yellow, and sunburst black. Change the look of your SKX007, 009, or SRP Turtle Re-issue with this dial type. It adds beauty to your timepiece since it has a luminous dial with a date window. Get your 7s26 with 4 o’clock crown an MM300 Style dial.

      Sunburst dial

      Seiko Sunburst dial is all about the texture - quite similar to brushed metal. It has nothing to do with color like what most people thought. Upgrade the look of your wristwatch with a sunburst dial in various colors - cool gray and black. Highlight your SKX007, 009, SRP Turtle Re-issue, and SNZF17 with this color. This luminous sunburst dial fits 7s26 with 4 o’clock crown. The date window feature is an additional design.