Orient Ray Rotating Bezel for Seiko Mod

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      Rotating bezels are surely increasing in popularity over the years. In fact, just in 2021, most bezel watches already feature rotating bezels. Rotating bezel inserts are commonly seen among divers watches due to their useful underwater functions and features.

      Some things you need to know about rotating bezels: some may be unidirectional, meaning they only rotate counterclockwise, while some may be bi-directional, rotating both clockwise and counterclockwise.

      The importance of rotating watch bezels lies in the disc itself. The outer disc is divided into 60 parts or numbers that correspond to 60 minutes or an hour. This is the main reason why rotating bezels are popular in divers watches. The 60 divisions on the bezel indicate an hour, which corresponds to the time that oxygen in a standard scuba oxygen tank usually lasts.

      The red arrow you see on the bezel should normally be placed at the 12 o’clock mark before diving into the water. This function gives the diver an indicator of how many minutes have passed since the dive. That way, the diver has an estimated amount of time to ascend back into the surface with just enough oxygen left.

      Level up the look, feel, and function of your Seiko timepiece with Watch and Style’s rotating bezel inserts. Our Orient Ray rotating bezel inserts are not just casually numbered rings that provide no function. These are all made of high-quality materials designed with 200 meters of water resistance, guaranteeing divers complete function and style even underwater.

      A good dive watch is hard to come by. But here is Seiko with their Orient Ray watch series proving otherwise. The Seiko Orient Ray rotating bezel has a classic and iconic design that comes with a lot of exciting features. The best part about it? It’s still on the affordable side despite its durability and elegant build. If you’re looking for an entry0level dive watch, Seiko’s Orient Ray is perfect for you.

      Modify your watch according to your style and function. Pair your Orient Ray rotating bezel Seiko timepieces with these recommended watch parts.

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