SRPE Sapphire Crystal for Seiko Mod

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      Seiko is one of the most popular watch brands ever to exist. The brand is known for its elegant and classic timepieces, crafted with careful attention to detail. For 100 years, Seiko has continued to amaze watch lovers and collectors alike with their outstanding watch designs combined with esteemed high-quality craftsmanship that will surely last a lifetime.

      Elevate your watch’s look and performance while still protecting it from unwanted scratches and damages with Watch and Style’s sapphire crystal for Seiko watches. This tiny and often overlooked detail can bring new life and protection to your Seiko timepiece. But, make no mistake because sapphire crystals are more than just ordinary watch jewels.

      In general, sapphire crystals are popular in the market, but expensive. In fact, it’s the most expensive out of all watch crystals. The same is true today. However, these crystals are highly regarded in the watch industry because of their crystallizing pure aluminum oxide properties that are transparent and durable. The sapphire crystal is often compared to the natural sapphire gemstones, hence its name and value. Sapphire crystals may be expensive, but the price is just right, especially if you know that what you’re paying for could last you a lifetime. The expensive manufacturing process for sapphire crystals only proves and guarantees watch collectors that these are scratch-resistant and damage-proof. If you ask us, sapphire crystals are definitely worth splurging on as they are the best choice in the market.

      The Seiko 5 Sports line is one of the brand’s most popular watch series. With that said, the SRPE from the said line was dubbed as the most important watch of 2020 because of its elegant and classic design, which is also a reliable dive watch. Time and time again, Seiko continues to wow watch lovers and collectors alike that their timepieces are crafted into perfection with careful attention to detail. Emphasize the beauty of your Seiko SRPE and protect it from scratch and damages with Watch and Style’s sapphire crystal for Seiko SRPE timepieces.

      Modify your watch according to function and revamp your style. Pair your Seiko SRPE timepieces with these recommended watch parts.