SNZF Urchin Ceramic Bezel Insert for Seiko Mod

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      Seiko is a world-renowned watch brand producing and designing timepieces for over a hundred years now. The brand is widely recognized for its detailed and elegant craftsmanship in each of its timepieces. For over a hundred years now, Seiko continues to amaze watch lovers and collectors across the globe with their marvelous and astounding watches.

      Emphasize the beauty of your Seiko watch with Watch and Style’s Ceramic Bezel Insert for SNZF Urchin Seiko watches. Tiny details like bezel inserts bring new life and protection to your timepiece. Our SNZF ceramic inserts are more than just ordinary numbered rings and accessories that you add to your watch. These ceramic bezel inserts are made with excellent quality materials and can withstand the test of time, just like any Seiko timepiece. In addition, the bezels are scratch-resistant and come in many different styles and designs, perfectly complementing any Seiko timepiece.

      The Seiko Sea Urchin is known as one of the brand’s best automatic divers’ watches. Ask any watch collector about this model, and they will surely tell you dozens of good things about it. The Seiko SNZF Urchin falls under the Seiko 5 series, meeting all criteria of the said category. At first look, you’ll notice that the Seiko Sea Urchin has the most iconic traits of Seiko’s dive watches. With this model, you get just about the same characteristics, but with a few variations. For instance, the Sea Urchin sits on the bigger side and is a little bulkier than most Seiko divers’ watches, with its 41mm case. So, if you’re a fan of larger watches, then this timepiece might just be the perfect fit for you. On top of that, the bezel can be changed too!

      How does a ceramic bezel insert differ from other inserts? Firstly, standard bezel inserts are prone to scratches and damages. On the other hand, ceramic inserts are sandblasted and polished to perfection to ensure that your bezel and the watch are protected. Next, the numbers on these bezels are designed either luminous or in gold marker. Lastly, the scratch-resistant design and durability make ceramic bezel inserts sell like hotcakes in the watch market. With ceramic bezel inserts, watch lovers will definitely fall head over heels with their watches like it’s the first time all over again. We still guarantee that your watch will look in tiptop shade with few to no scratches at all, even with several years of use. No need to worry about constant bezel replacements.

      Refashion your watch according to style, personality, or function. Let the SNZF Urchin Ceramic Bezel Insert do all the trick.

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