SRP Turtle Chapter Ring for Seiko Mod


      Chapter rings hold the scale of numbers or markers around a watch dial. Sometimes, chapter rings also refer to scales or tracks since they are used for scaling and tracking.

      Many watches have one or more dials containing hands. The value of these hands is read by comparing its current relative location to a chapter ring, a scale, or a track that contains calibrated numerals. Various chapter rings have different types of markers for different watch hands. Getting yourself a chapter ring usually depends on your watch face or your own personal preference.

      Various Designs of SRP Turtle Chapter Ring

      Seiko’s world-renowned SRP Turtle–a newer and bigger version of Seiko’s cushion-cased 6306/9 diver’s watch series made in the mid-1970s–chapter ring can either have markers, numerals, or none at all. Choose which one is best for you, whether for style or function. 

      SRP Chapter Ring

      This tiny detail brings new life and adds beauty to any wristwatch. Select a design, color, or texture that suits you best. The Seiko SRP Turtle comes in a variety of colors - sandblasted gold, polished rose gold, polished gold, orange, and brushed gold. Get a chapter ring that fits the aesthetic of your timepiece and see what this simple ring can do.

      SRP Chapter Ring with Marker

      Chapter rings serve their purpose when they have a marker. These markers come in different patterns - lines, numbers, or other markers or scales. Usually, the colors of the minute markers and the chapter ring are in contrast, and this feature is highlighted every time you read the minutes.

      With these styles, identifying the time on your Seiko watch is trouble-free. Although the colors are different, it surely matches Seiko’s proud lineage of timepieces, like the SRP Turtle. 

      The Seiko SRP Turtle chapter ring works like magic. It transforms your watch from one look to another. Ensure placement by using an adhesive to secure the chapter ring. Mod your watch now and achieve the look you never even thought of achieving.