SRPE Bezel for Seiko Mod


      Rotating bezels are undeniably increasing in popularity recently. During past years, most bezel watches have already started featuring rotating bezel inserts. These tiny and often unnoticeable watch accessories are popular among divers watches due to their useful functions and features.

      A few things you should know about rotating bezels: some rotating bezel inserts are unidirectional, meaning they only rotate counterclockwise. On the other hand, other rotating bezel inserts are bi-directional, meaning they rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

      The disc in rotating bezel inserts holds the most significant function. The outer disc is divided into 60 parts or numbers, corresponding to 60 minutes or an hour. This is the main reason why rotating bezel inserts are popular in divers watches. The 60 divisions indicate an hour, which corresponds to when oxygen in a standard scuba oxygen tank usually lasts.

      The red arrow you see on the SRPE Bezel should be placed at the 12 o’clock mark before diving into the water. This gives the diver an indicator of the minutes that have passed since the dive. Through this, divers get an estimated amount of time to ascend back into the surface with just enough oxygen left.

      Accentuate the look and feel of your Seiko timepiece with Watch and Style’s rotating bezel inserts. Our SRPE bezels are more than just ordinary numbered rings. These watch accessories are indeed small but terrible, providing both function and style all in one go. Our rotating bezel inserts are made of high-quality and durable materials, designed with 200 meters of water resistance that guarantee divers efficiency and style even underwater.

      The Seiko 5 Sports line is undoubtedly one of the most famous watch series of all time. Furthermore, the SRPE was dubbed as the most important watch of 2020 because of its elegant design and reliable dive watch function. Time and time again, Seiko continues to prove to watch lovers and collectors alike that their timepieces are crafted into perfection with careful attention to detail. Now, it’s time to emphasize the beauty of your Seiko SRPE with Watch and Style’s rotating bezel inserts.

      Get yourself any of our rotating bezel inserts for your Seiko SRPE timepieces.

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