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SKX013 SKX Style Ceramic Bezel Insert - Flat - Watch&Style
SKX013 SKX Style Ceramic Bezel Insert - Flat - Watch&Style
SKX013 SKX Style Ceramic Bezel Insert - Flat - Watch&Style
SKX013 SKX Style Ceramic Bezel Insert - Flat - Watch&Style

CI0041 Seiko SKX013 Ceramic Bezel Insert - Flat SKX Style

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Seiko SKX013 Style Ceramic Bezel Insert adds more vivid color and life to your classic timepiece. It’s definitely time to get your watch a bold yet functional modification.

Best Features

  • Will fit for Seiko SKX013
  • Flat Ceramic design 
  • Inner Diameter: 27.5mm
  • Outer Diameter: 33.6mm
  • Thickness: 1mm
  • Please take note of the Ceramic Insert Measurements before purchasing the products

Recommended Modification Parts:

Note: Package only includes the SKX Style Ceramic Bezel Insert for SKX013. Other items in the photos are sold separately.

How to Upgrade to a Ceramic Bezel Insert

You will need a couple of tools to easily attach your flat ceramic bezel insert. Most modders use a small knife and a wooden stick. Since the bezel is snapped on the watch you will need to pry it up around with a knife. Generally, it should be easy enough if you work around the bezel.

Then pry off the bezel insert using the knife. If it is too stubborn, you can use heat gun. Work it around.

Now, the force you will use would depend if you want to salvage the bezel insert or not. Once the bezel insert is off, check the watch and make sure the spring is still in place. This spring lets you lock the rotating bezel. Clean the bezel's inner surface with paint thinner, mineral spirits, or rubbing alcohol.

Put the bezel back into the watch. Make sure that it is locked so it won't rotate while putting in the bezel insert. Take the insert and apply the adhesive. Attach it on the bezel while making sure that it has proper alignment.

Why Use Flat Ceramic Bezel Insert

Wear Resistance

While flat ceramic bezel inserts alone can be brittle easily break, it will be durable once it is attached to the stainless steel bezel.

It is scratch proof and will not show signs of tearing even after years. It is unaffected by ultraviolet rays so the color will not even fade.


Though the flat ceramic bezel insert is durable once attached, itis lighter than the stainless steel inserts.

This makes the watch comfortable to wear since it will not weigh down your wrist.