Double Dome

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      Different Types of Sapphire Crystal Glass

      Flat sapphire crystal

      Watch wearers prefer a flat crystal since it holds distortion. Reading time at any angle is easy because it does not have a fishbowl effect. Moreover, a flat sapphire crystal with a blue AR loses the magnification effect. 

      Flat sapphire glass is versatile. It is compatible with any watch - SRP Turtle ReissueSKX 007, and SKX013

      Double Dome

      A double dome crystal is domed top and underside surfaces. There is no distortion when you look at the watch at any angle. Unlike single domed crystals, it has a zero magnification effect. Add to that, the blue AR on the underside imparts blue hue at any angles - limiting reflection.

      Domed watches are pretty much the best sellers. It looks good with SKX013SKX007Samurai ReissueSNZF17SRP Turtle Reissue

      Watch modders use a sapphire crystal for watch glass replacement. A sapphire glass does not only look attractive, but it improves vision as well. 

      Unsure how to do glass replacement? If you need a reference, ask watchmakers and other modders. Or yet, consult professionals.