SNZF17 Sapphire Crystal for Seiko

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      Seiko is a popular watch brand from Japan. They are known for their classic and elegant timepieces. Each watch is crafted with careful attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. For over a hundred years now, Seiko has continued to leave watch lovers and collectors in awe of their outstanding watch designs and its overall excellent quality.

      Elevate your style, accentuate the beauty of your watch, and protect it from scratch and damages with Watch and Style’s sapphire crystal for Seiko watches. This often-overlooked watch jewel and accessory bring new life and protection to your classic and elegant Seiko timepiece. Sapphire crystals are not just ordinary watch jewels that you incorporate into your watches.

      Sapphire crystals are known for their expensive nature, the most expensive one out of all watch crystals, even. However, these crystals are highly regarded in the watch industry because of their crystalline and pure aluminum oxide materials that are transparent and durable. Sapphire crystals are often comparable to that of natural sapphire gemstones, which explains their name and high price. If you think about it, the price is just right if you know that what you’re paying for could last you a lifetime. The expensive process of manufacture only proves and guarantees you that sapphire crystals are scratch-resistant and damage-proof. If you ask us, sapphire crystals are the best choice if you want to accentuate the beauty of your watch and protect it at the same time.

      The Seiko Sea Urchin or SNZF17 is known as one of the watch brand’s best automatic dive watches. Ask any watch lover or collector about this model, and they will surely have dozens of good things to say about it. This specific timepiece falls under the Seiko 5 series, which meets all criteria of the said category. With this model, you get just about the same characteristics as most of Seiko’s dive watches, but with a few variations. The Seiko Sea Urchin actually sits on the bigger side and is a little bulkier than most Seiko watches. This model has a size of about 41mm of case, so if you’re a fan of larger watches, then this timepiece might just be the perfect one for you. On top of that, you can also change the crystal into a sapphire one for better grip and protection!

      Modify your watch according to your style and function. Pair your Seiko Sea Urchin timepieces with these recommended watch parts.