Stainless Steel Bezel Insert for Seiko Mod

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      Stainless steel has always been a staple in most classic watches. Although other common types of materials are often used in watches like gold, ceramics, titanium, and carbon, stainless steel continues to provide excellent durability at reasonable prices. This is the main reason why many watch brands like Rolex and Seiko put emphasis on utilizing stainless steel for a watch’s body, bezel insert, and accessories.

      Stainless steel is classified into different grades, and each grade corresponds to its sturdiness and rust wear. In addition, because steel is known to naturally rust over time, other raw materials are added to prevent premature rusting and corrosion. Now, if you’re particular on which type of steel inserts to prop into your watch, you may want to do more full and thorough research on 200, 300, and 900-series stainless steel grades based on their composition.

      Why Choose A Stainless Steel Insert

      There are many reasons why watch enthusiasts and collectors alike still prefer stainless steel material over any other material for their watch insert. One of which includes most stainless steel being rust and corrosion resistant, guaranteeing the wearer longer use. Most watches made out of stainless steel material are qualified divers, pilot, and military watches. They are anti-allergic, making them timepieces compatible and safe for your skin when it comes in contact with water, sweat, or mud. Skin reactions like irritation are very rare with stainless steel materials in watches. On top of all that, stainless steel inserts are timeless and affordable! You can pair any of your watches with any of our stainless steel inserts, guaranteeing a classy and sleek look. Be sure to check out our stainless steel inserts catalog for different colors and designs. Wear your personality and strut your style with our variety of stainless steel inserts.