SKX007 & SRPD Ceramic Bezel Insert for Seiko Mod

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      Seiko is a world-renowned watch company from Japan. The brand is known for its classic, detailed, and elegant craftsmanship evident in each of its timepieces. For over 100 years, Seiko has continued to leave watch enthusiasts and collectors in awe of their outstanding watch designs and its overall excellent quality.

      Emphasize the beauty of your watch bezel with Watch and Style’s Ceramic Bezel Insert for Seiko watches. This tiny detail brings new life and protection to your classic and elegant Seiko timepiece. SKX ceramic insert is not just an ordinary numbered ring. It is scratch-resistant that comes in various styles and designs that fit perfectly with your SKX007 and SKX009.

      The SKX007 is known for its humble price despite being part of the proud lineage of Seiko’s classic diver’s watches that go way back 1965. The SKX007 depicts minimalism at its best, with a solid case made out of a heavy mass of stainless steel. Meanwhile, the SKX009 is yet again another popular diver’s watch from Seiko crafted with a dark blue dial and a blue/red (also known as the Pepsi) bezel. Experience the high-quality performance of the SKX007 and SKX009 and pair them with any of our ceramic bezel inserts.

      But how does a ceramic bezel insert differ from the rest? Unlike the usual bezel inserts, these ceramic inserts are sandblasted and polished in either a slope or flat design. Furthermore, the numbers are either in gold marker or luminous. Ceramic bezel inserts are known to shape the future of the watch industry with their scratch-resistant design and durable material. With Ceramic Bezel Inserts, watch owners will fall head over heels with their watches like it’s the first time they saw it. After several years of use, ceramic bezel inserts will still look in tiptop shape. No need to constantly replace them.

      Modify your watch according to your style, personality, and function. The SKX Ceramic Bezel Insert does all the trick.

      Pair your SKX007 and SKX009 Seiko timepieces with the recommended watch parts.